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Meet The Team

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Stacy Mcdougall

Owner/Personal Trainer

For me, there is nothing more important than helping clients reach their fitness and lifestyle goals! I cannot believe I have been doing this for over 20 years....I am so happy to say I love my job more now than ever. Seeing a client reach their goals is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. Helping a client rediscover their inner strength, their desires and building a strong body at the same time is amazing!! Having had the chance to work with clients who have lost over 100lbs with me, to watching clients run their first 5km or seeing a client smash through their goals is by far the best part of my job! I can't wait to be a part of your fitness journey and celebrate all your wins along the way!!

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Audra Parker

Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Audra. I found my love of fitness at the age of 42. I was tired of hating my body and all the things I couldn't do. I've struggled with weight and nutrition for as long as I can remember. Fitness gave me my life back. There's no better feeling than moving and throwing those weights around!!! Now at 52, I've completed 15 Spartan races, 5 Femsport competitions and in the last 3 years, became certified in group fitness and strength training. I've been lucky to learn from many amazing trainer/coaches all these years, so while I am completing my personal training certification, I am doing 1 on 1 sessions. My passion is helping people find their self confidence through movement and realizing they can do ALL those things they thought they couldn't. I've been you, I am you and I got you!!!

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Daniel Bell

Owner/Personal Trainer

Daniel is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who has over 15 years of training experience as an athlete himself and working with clients from all walks of life. His fitness journey began as a collegiate hockey athlete who trained with former strength coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, Al Jean. At the end of his university career, along with his bachelor’s of business, he received a NCSA All-American Strength and Conditioning Player of the Year and a CoSIDA Academic All-American award. After spending two more years playing professionally in Europe, Daniel decided to transition to a career in fitness. Using his knowledge and passion for fitness that he gained as a high-level athlete, Daniel has spent the last 7 years working with clients to reach their health and fitness goals.

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Lisa Therrien

Class Instructor

Hi all, I’m Lisa. I’ve been a trainer with Strength in 2 Fitness for 6 years now and have loved every minute being a part of this FitFam. I am also a new mom to the sweetest little guy. A bit about my fitness journey…I grew up playing sports, pretty much everything but basketball and soccer were my main ones. Working out was a part of training but not my focus. After finishing high school I started running and working out to fill the gap that high school sports had left. I enjoyed plugging in my music, tuning out the world and pushing myself. Although it took me 5 years before making myself go running became loving to run and running 1/2 marathons for fun, it took no time to know that working out was something I loved to do and needed in my life. In joining the SinF team I have loved watching and having a part in our clients journeys with fitness. Watching someone start out unsure then one day down the road say to me ‘I had a bad day so I knew I needed to come workout’ makes my heart happy. I love feeling challenged and motivated by the other trainers and our clients, and I love to challenge them. This FitFam is the best, just being there with our members makes my day.


Success Stories

I came to Strength in 2 Fitness 8 years ago very ill and a broken person and on the road to an early grave. I am now free of blood pressure meds, no longer pre-diabetic and the arthritis that caused horrible swelling and pain in my knees is under control and i can not only walk, but run, slowly but i run! I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally and i’m not done yet. It is all due to this community, everyone is so supportive of each other and trainers are barnone. Not to to mention Stacy Mcdougall, despite her size, has the heart and soul of a giant!

Yvonne Deibert

I have 2 little girls and a wife that depends on me, I needed to make a change. That’s when I called Strength In 2 Fitness - Stacy Mcdougall to talk about the New U. I jumped in with 2 feet, I followed her program, never deviated, and did exactly what she told me to for 12 weeks. I went to classes 3x per week, follow the nutrtional plan, I lost a total of 45 lbs. 

Aaron Mercer

To me, Strength In 2 Fitness is more than a gym. It has the kind of enviorment that makes you feel comfortable and accepted yet pushes and challenges you at the same time. The trainers are what make this place so bloody awesome!!!! It’s my happy place! Love you guys!

Shannon StJean

It took Stacy 3 Years to convince me to try her gym as i was doing workouts in other places. All my life I have felt in shape, but never felt strong. Since joining the gym I can feel myself growing stronger and more toned.

Sue Agnew

I spread the word everyday about this gym. People ask me “why are you walking funny today?” I say Strength IN 2 Fitness! I love this place!!!


Ang Ball

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