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Full body workout ready to challenge clients using all of our toys. Body weight, weights, TRX, Stability balls and more. We bring out all the toys in this workout, always trying to change things up for our clients to keep it interesting and fun while working out.


Let's Hit It! Get ready to sweat. We are going to be hitting that cardiovascular system hard. There will be a boxing element in the class so bring your gloves if you got them. This class will 100% burn body fat, and help release your daily stress. Who wouldn’t want that?


High Intensity Resistance Training. This is an amazing metabolic full body workout that includes tabata, HIIT, and interval training designed to rev up your metabolism! HIRT has been designed for the client really wanting to burn body fat, increase overall fitness and release endorphins. Be ready to sweat!


A full body strength training class. We use weight training as a way to build strength, tone muscle, improve functional fitness and decrease body fat all in one class! Building muscle mass will help clients shed those unwanted pounds all while building muscle mass!


Run through the gauntlet of exercises in this fun timed workout. A little bit of everything from strength to cardio and more.

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