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I came to Strength in 2 Fitness 8 years ago very ill and a broken person and on the road to an early grave. I am now free of blood pressure meds, no longer pre-diabetic and the arthritis that caused horrible swelling and pain in my knees is under control and i can not only walk, but run, slowly but i run! I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally and i’m not done yet. It is all due to this community, everyone is so supportive of each other and trainers are barnone. Not to to mention Stacy Mcdougall, despite her size, has the heart and soul of a giant!

Yvonne Deibert

Having just lost my Dad, I realized I was following the same foot steps as my Dad, I was running towards a early grave. I didn’t want that for my son, I didn’t want that for my wife, I didn’t want that for myself. I joined the New U weight loss program and after 12 weeks lost 45lbs and was well on my way to a healthy lifestyle. Not only have i kept the weight off, but I have lost over 70lbs, competed in mind over mountain adventure races, workout 4or 5 days a week, i’m participating in my life, i’m LIVING my life, not sitting on the side lines.

Gord Beauviller

To me, Strength In 2 Fitness is more than a gym. It has the kind of enviorment that makes you feel comfortable and accepted yet pushes and challenges you at the same time. The trainers are what make this place so bloody awesome!!!! It’s my happy place! Love you guys!

Shannon StJean

It took Stacy 3 Years to convince me to try her gym as i was doing workouts in other places. All my life I have felt in shape, but never felt strong. Since joining the gym I can feel myself growing stronger and more toned. I thought this would make me happy but theres one problem, everyone keeps asking me to help them move. Thanks a lot, Strength In 2 Fitness!!!!

Sue Agnew

I spread the word everyday about this gym. People ask me “why are you walking funny today?” I say Strength IN 2 Fitness! I love this place!!!

Ang Ball

I wasn’t a gym person, in fact the idea of working out did not interest me at all. I was coming up on the year annivesary of my Dad's death and was having a hard time realizing that It had been one year since his passing and I had yet done anything to change my lifestyle. I have 2 little girls and a wife that depends on me, I needed to make a change. That’s when I called Strength In 2 Fitness - Stacy Mcdougall to talk about the New U. I jumped in with 2 feet, I followed her program, never deviated, and did exactly what she told me to for 12 weeks. I went to classes 3x per week, follow the nutrtional plan, I lost a total of 45 lbs. When the program ended, I was so pumped and feeling so great by way of this new lifestyle that I signed up for a year, and continued to lose weight, inches and gain fitness. Going onto my 3rd year with Strength In 2 Fitness, best decision!!!

Aaron Mercer

Stacy and the trainers of Strength In 2 Fitness meet you where you are and push you to believe in yourself and beyond what you think your limit is!!! I’ve made friends for life! They’ve helped me get my body back after babies! They’ve even supported my bringing my babies so I could get my workout in. What more could you ask for from a gym!? - Morgane Michaels

A place to sweat, laugh and get strong. A place to face challenges, gain strength and learn what your body is capable of. We sweat, we laugh, we cry but at the end of the workout, we always leave with our heads held high and feeling better than we did walking in - Gina Grey

Prior to taking the 30 day challenge, I had been “meaning to exercise” for about 7 years. This challenge has finally made for me an excuse FOR exercising, rather than against it. I can’t thank y all of you supportive trainers for this great introduction back into working my butt off. -

Tracey Trousdell